23.11.2022 09:30 - 11:00 - LIVE


Road To Data Platform: Data Engineering on Google Cloud Platform

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Data is the new gold - get the latest insights into the challenges and objectives of building a new data platform within the IT of REWE International. We give an insight into stakeholder requirements, technologies used and an outlook on how our customers will interact with it. Experience the journey from an old on-prem world to a state-of-the-art decentralized cloud approach.

23.11.2022 09:30 -11:00 - LIVE


HILTI Engineering: Befestigungstechnik – Theorie & Praxisbeispiele 

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Wie unterstützt dich HILTI-Engineering auf der Baustelle?
Identifikation, Analyse und Bemessung einer konkreten Aufgabenstellung in der Befestigungstechnik und Festlegung geeigneter Dübelbereiche am Tragwerk mittels der PROFIS Engineering Software. Praktischer Einsatz mit Hilti Lösungen auf die Baustelle.

23.11.2022 11:30 -13:00 - LIVE

JTI Austria GmbH

Career Compass Workshop - Discover your career direction with JTI Austria

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We invite all who are interested to get to know themselves better and find answers to the following questions:

What are your natural strength and talents?
What drives you to work and go the extra mile? 
What kind of work fits you best? 
Find it out with us at our face-to-face workshop during the karriere.zeit.
We are looking forward to meeting you there!

23.11.2022 11:30 -15:00 - LIVE

Christine Mark, Beraterin & Coach

Heute schon gescheitert? Wie du dein Mindset auf Erfolg ausrichtest.

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Beruflicher Erfolg und Mindset stehen in direktem Zusammenhang. Dein Umgang mit Fehlern und Perfektionismus bestimmt über dein Weiterkommen. Und wenn es dir gelingt loszugehen, bevor du bereit bist, dann ist wahrer Fortschritt möglich. Denn die Magie passiert außerhalb der Komfortzone. Aber wie schaffst du es, diese zu verlassen (und dich dabei gut zu fühlen)?

Erfahre in diesem Workshop, wie du dein Mindset auf Erfolg ausrichtest und wie du dir eine authentische Karriere mit Sinn erschaffst.

23.11.2022 13:30 - 15:00 - LIVE 


Design Thinking & Agility in an Industrial Company - A Practical Insight into How MIBA is Preparing for the Future of Digitalization

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In our life we always bump into new problems and often it’s hard to find the right solution. This is not just true for our private life, but also the corporate world. In this workshop you will get first-hand insights into how MIBA utilizes design thinking as problem solving methodology to shape the future of technologies for a cleaner planet. Together we will run through a miniature design thinking session to create prototypes that solve real world problems.

23.11.2022 15:30 - 17:00 - LIVE


With modern E/E architectures the car is evolving into an IoT device on wheels

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Bosch is developing new electrical/electronic (E/E) architectures that ensure the complexity of future vehicle systems stays manageable. At the center of this development is the shift away from today’s domain-specific E/E architecture toward a cross-domain, centralized E/E architecture that uses only a few very powerful vehicle computers instead of a great many individual control units. These vehicle computers will be connected to the remaining embedded control units as well as the sensors and actuators via zone ECUs. Bosch calls this approach a vehicle-centralized, zone-oriented E/E architecture. The reduced number of control units leads to lower system complexity coupled with a simultaneous increase in security

23.11.2022 15:30 -17:00 - LIVE

Teach for Austria

Productivity & Time Management

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At the end of every work shift, study session or generally a day, there are usually two ways to react: “Wow, I was never this productive!” or “Wow, time flew by way too fast...?"
 What does it mean to be productive? What is time? Do I choose efficiency or effectiveness? 


No matter the choice: the mindset behind finishing your tasks, to-dos and reaching your goals is the most crucial part. Learn how to adapt a productive mindset, no matter what you are working on. Be it your university studies, your thesis, business goals or personal achievements and development. In this workshop we address perception of time and its management in general. Additionally, we go through some basic approaches and tools to improve our productivity. The goal is to update one’s arsenal and try out new methods. 

23.11.2022 17:30 - 19:00 - LIVE


E-Mobility with Inverters from Bosch – The Future is Now 

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Interactive presentation of global e-mobility trends with the focus on the Inverter development at Bosch (Vienna); Presentation

  • E-Mobility Market Development
  • Powerelectronics – Inverter Development @ Bosch (Vienna)
  •  Hardware – Development
  •  Software – Development
  •  Workshop Part
  •  Common Work on several aspects (HW, SW) based on the presentation part
  •  Q&A Session

23.11.2022 17:30 -19:00 - LIVE


Sizing einer virtuellen KI-gestützten on-premise Cloud

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Bei diesem Workshop zeigen wir dir anhand eines realen Kundenbeispiels wie wir vorgehen um eine individuelle Lösung für geschäftskritische Datenbanken und Data Warehouses zu dimensionieren. Dabei gilt es die dafür notwendige on-premise Hardware, bestehend aus Server, Storage und Netzwerkkomponenten, entsprechen agil und leistungsfähig zu dimensionieren und für maximale Ausfallsicherheit auszulegen. Unsere Kunden schätzen dabei besonders die KI-Funktionalitäten, die wir für solche Lösungen grundsätzlich als Teil der Gesamtlösung zur Verfügung stellen.